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Trans Am from the Yellow Max series 8 years prior to Yellowline

Side view of the Trans Am in JP's Flashback.


Sweet JP's machine is a heavily customized Trans Am WR. It's implied it has already undergone extensive modification from the basic model to allow it to remain competitive by the time of the Yellowline race, and therefore it is effectively a unique vehicle by this point sporting a bright yellow paint scheme with white stripes with blue trim. Due to a bomb planted by the rear left wheel, the car crashed and was destroyed.

Redline 8[]

After being rebuilt from its destruction in the Yellowline race the Trans Am 20000 now has a new paint job, now featuring dual stripes rather than one in the middle. it also has a new rear-mounted engine and a fifth wheel mounted in front of the cab, between the headlights. According to Frisbee, the engine makes 35,000 hp (which means it has 18 and a half times more horsepower than the Rimac C2 is to have). Then, near the end of the movie, they pop the Steamlight in, which is said: "to make 10 times more energy than a gold nitro". So while we can't pin down the exact power increase due to not knowing the power increase from a gold nitro. It wouldn't be to outlandish to believe that it would increase the base power by 10x, maybe even more than that. So, on the last stretch of Redline, the Trans Am might have been making well over 350,000 horsepower. The most powerful engine in the current world is the Wärtsilä RT-flex96C (107,390 hp) which weighs 2,300 tons and is meant for large container ships.

Trike mode[]

Much later in the Redline race, the body of the car, a mere cosmetic shell for the actual vehicle, is ripped off, revealing a trike chassis and body underneath.


  • The Trans Am is styled with heavy inspiration from multiple F-body muscle cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s such Z28 Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird. the taillights of the Yellowline model appear to modeled after a 1967 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang. The Redline 8 version retains most of the body style from it's previous form but the rear is it's unique design due to the engine being relocated to the rear.
  • The name "Trans Am" is in reference to the Pontiac Trans Am which is a higher tier level trim and performance package named after the north American Trans Am racing series.